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PythonExpress is an initiative and ongoing effort by the Python Software Society of India (PSSI). It aims to create an avenue for learning and exploring the Python programming language and community by acting as a bridge between organizations interested in hosting a workshop, students who want to learn, and experienced Python programmers who are interested to teach.

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Upcoming Workshops Location Workshop Section Workshop level Tentative Dates * College presenter
1 Bengaluru, Karnataka Python3 Beginner Saturday, Apr. 28 2018 city engineering college prakhar g
2 Pune, Maharashtra Python3 Intermediate Saturday, Aug. 11 2018 Bharati vidyapeeth university college of engineering rahul bajaj
3 Patiala, Punjab Flask Beginner Monday, Aug. 20 2018 Tech Group Chitkara University Saurabh Thakur
4 Bengaluru, Karnataka Machine Learning Beginner Monday, Sep. 17 2018 MVJ College of Engineering JOINAL AHMED
5 Bengaluru, Karnataka Django Beginner Saturday, Oct. 13 2018 Vivekananda Institute of Technology JOINAL AHMED
6 Bengaluru, Karnataka Python3 Beginner Tuesday, Oct. 16 2018 Vivekananda Institute of Technology JOINAL AHMED


SIR MVIT , Bengaluru,
The approach taken to teach machine learning basics by Sasidhar and Amol is worth mentioning. Sasidhar started with data analysis and gave a through insights into it.His way of teaching the use of numpy and pandas was good. Amol then started with the machine learning concepts using sklearn and was successful in making the participants get the concepts clearly.Thank you python express for making this wonderful event to happen and for your continuous support.
INMANTEC Institutions , Delhi
Students have really benefited from the workshop. They were now enthusiastic to learn more about python and its the various applications of it. Trainers were also very good and students enjoyed their session. Can we have more of these sessions, regularly like in every 15 days so that interest is continued or nay other plan as per your interest. Looking for more interactions in future.
KLE S Nijalingappa College , Bengaluru
The instructor was very enthusiastic and fun to talk to, all the students liked the approachability of the instructor. It's something that is not found in most classrooms.
N. I. E. T. , Greater Noida
Anuvrat has been amazing throughout the session with his energy. He also inspired participants to focus on their own projects and goals.
SIR MVIT , Bengaluru,
Suman Debnath did a great job.He presented the concepts of python programming in a very easy and understandable manner.The response from the participants was overwhelming .The approach taken by him to teach python is worth mentioning.The overall experience was too good.Thank you python express for making this wonderful event to happen."
Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science , Indore
we really appreciate the efforts given to make this open workshop available to all the girls...and we hope to have many more with more response from our peers as learners.
ACM-Ahmedabad Chapter and School of Computer Studies,Ahmedabad University
Mr. Jaisinh Shukla along with his team were knowledgeable and cooperative throughout the workshop. Students are now waiting for more such advanced Python workshops to be organized in near future.
Oxford College of Engineering , Bengaluru,
Workshop was awesome. Tutor was very humble and generous. Workshop went on very successfully and students are also satisfied with the teaching. Hope to have more workshops like these in the future..